The Afghanistan Independent Legal Aid Board (AILAB) was established pursuant to Articles 19 – 23 of the Legal Aid Regulations (LAR) published in Official Gazette Number 950 of the Ministry of Justice.  Since its inception in December 2008, AILAB is responsible for regulating and administering legal aid services and coordinating the activities of relevant legal aid providers.
Pursuant to Article 20 of the LAR, AILAB’s duties include the following:

  1. Instructing and assisting the Legal Aid Directorate of the Ministry of Justice in implementing its work plans and cooperating with other relevant authorities to achieve the objectives stated in the Legal Aid Regulation.
  2. Accrediting and canceling licenses of NGOs providing legal aid services in Afghanistan.
  3. Entering into cooperative agreements with the Afghan Independent Bar Association (AIBA), accredited legal aid non-governmental organizations, law clinics and other relevant organizations and institutions.
  4. Proposing amendments to provisions in the Legal Aid Regulation, as necessary.
  5. Organizing programs for the effective administration of legal aid, and coordination between the Legal Aid Directorate and other relevant legal aid entities.
  6. Issuing and canceling accreditation for legal aid providers of the Legal Aid Department and other authorities listed in paragraph (1) of Article 15 of the Legal Aid Regulation.
  7. Ensuring the timely and sound provision of legal aid to indigent suspects and the accused.
  8. Monitoring and evaluating performance and activities of the Legal Aid Department and entities listed in paragraph (1) of Article 15 of the Legal Aid Regulation.
  9. Designing forms used to determine one’s indigent status and, therefore, eligibility for legal aid.
  10. Handling complaints against legal aid providers.
  11. Enacting by-laws, procedures and guidelines to better implement the provisions of the Legal Aid Regulation;
  12. Conducting seminars, workshops and trainings to enhance the professional knowledge of legal aid providers of the Legal Aid Department and authorities stated in paragraph (1) of Article 15 of the Legal Aid Regulation.
AILAB Members:

ILAB board members are selected from government offices and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) who provide legal services to the indigent population in Afghanistan. Each member of the Board is chosen by their office for a two-year term and they can be selected for subsequent term.
The current members of the board are as follows:

  1. Asst.Professor Wali Mohammad Naseh - Chairman

    Representative of Political Science Department, Kabul University
    Phone: 0700292665

    Email: wali.naseh@ailab.af

  2. Ahmad Zia Noori – Member

    Representative of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

    Phone: 0778196959

    Email: ahmadzia.noori@aihrc.org.af, eimannori80@yahoo.com

  3. Assadullah Wahdat – Secretary General

    Representative of Ministry of Justice

    Phone: 0700243449

    Email: ibrahim.ibrahimi@ailab.af

  4. Ibrahim Ibrahimi – Member

    Representative of Sharia Department, Kabul University

    Phone: 0700243449
    Email: ibrahim.ibrahimi@ailab.af

  5. Freshta Karimi – Member

    Representative of Legal Aid Providing NGOs


    Email: Freshta.Karimi@ailab.af

  6. Aziza Adalatkhah – Member

    Representative of Ministry of Women Affairs

    Phone: 0700248020

    Email: Aziza.Adalatkha@ailab.af

  7. Shabir Ahmad Kamawal – Member

    Representative of Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA)

    Phone: 0796611316

    Email: Shabir.Kamawal@ailab.af