Independent Legal Aid Board License Issuance Instruction for NGOs and Legal Aid Clinics


The Afghanistan Independent Legal Aid Board encourages non-government organizations to render free legal aid services to indigent Afghan citizens and assist the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in accomplishing its duty of fulfilling Afghan citizens’ right to legal counsel. Pursuant to Article 20 (2) of the Legal Aid Regulation, the Afghanistan Independent Legal Aid Board is the authorized body to license non-government organizations and legal aid clinics rendering legal aid services in Afghanistan.
AILAB license will enable NGOs and Legal Clinics to operate legitimately in Afghanistan legal aid sector.


Advantages of the AILAB license:

  1. With the issuance of license, coordination will be established between the government and non-governmental organizations of Legal Aids Provisions;
  2. With the issuance of license, the board will have the jurisdiction to the monitor the services provided by the non-governmental organizations;
  3. The issuance of license will cause agreements to be signed between the board and non-governmental organizations;
  4. With the participation of the representative from the licensed non-governmental organizations in the board, the problems of these organizations and the complaints of people in terms of legal aids will be addressed and necessary instructions will be issued by the board to the non-governmental organizations;
  5. The board will strengthen the relations of licensed non-governmental organizations;
  6. The board will conduct capacity building workshops for the licensed non-governmental organizations;

Organizations and Clinics planning to start operations in legal aid sector should obtain an AILAB license. The instructions have been codified in Article 4(6) and Article 20 (2) of Legal Aid Regulation, which are as follows:


  1. NGOs who are providers of legal aid submit their written requests for operating license to the Independent Legal Aid Board. The mentioned requests will be registered in the office following the decree of the Director or the Deputy Director.
  2. Applicant is required to provide information about the Organization, such as name of the Organization, its Head, work permit (issued by Ministry of Economy), Address, number of sub-offices in the provinces by differentiating local or international, introduction of eligible personnel, and other information necessary for receiving license, and at the end, the Director of the Organization shall sign.
  3. Applicant is required to attach necessary documents along with the Statute of the Organization with his application form and submit it to the board through Secretariat for further process. At the end, a copy of the documents will be kept for records.
  4. The board reviews and studies the presented documents and statute, if the applicant institution is qualified for license, the pay bill for license will be submitted for him to add the cost of the license to the account of Independent Legal Aid Board.  The mentioned institution submits the receipt to the secretary office and will be issued the work permit within three days. Work permit is issued along with an official letter.
  5. Only those institutions are qualified, which have the predicted requirements from the work permit format.
  6. The receipt along with the documents and statute that have been copied from the institution is separately filed by the name of the mentioned institution.
  7. Only the relevant institution can use the privileges of the statute.
  8. The statute is valid for one year after the issuance of work permit, and it is renewed one month before the expiration date. 
  9. If the institution of legal aid provider has no activity for one year after obtaining the license, their work permit will be invalidated.
  10. If the mentioned institution doesn’t renew its statute at the specific time, the credentials of relevant legal aid providers will be suspended until renewal, and will not be renewed later.
  11. Legal Aid Provider Institution doesn’t have the right to run business without having license.
  12. In case of violation of the institution, the legal aid board can abrogate its work permit.